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Birthday Party Musician

Justin Bieber birthday party theme Party musicians can be a great source of entertainment for a kid birthday party. The idea of having a musician does not necessarily mean having a band or professional performer. It could just be a guitar player, keyboardist, harmonica player, or karaoke.

A commercial performer may be expensive for a child birthday party but it doesn't hurt to make a phone call and ask. If not, there may be a musically talented friend, family member, or place of worship acquaintance that can provide some musical entertainment. Other sources may be a party clown or costume character. Party actors are usually multi-talented and specialize in entertaining kids. Part of their act may include some music and laughs.

A musical performer for children can usually provide familiar tunes that kids will recognize and maybe dance to. The performer can also be the source of music for the "happy birthday" song, games, and celebration.

Child Birthday Party Entertainment:

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