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Face Painting at Birthday Party

Circus theme Most children love to have their face painted. Having a face painter at a child birthday party is exciting entertainment and a great time filler to occupy the kids. Surely you have seen the long face painting lines at community fairs and events. Parents may not like the lines, but the kids will wait all day. They love it.

Face painters will usually book private events. Be sure to call ahead and check price, availability, and what is included in the event. Many face painters bring more value to a party than just the face painting. For example, you may find a Clown that can perform for the children and do face painting or a costume character that plays games with the kids and then does face painting.

Local party vendors usually provide child birthday entertainment, or you may ask around and find an individual that performs and entertains at kid birthday parties.

You don't have to hire a face painter to do the job. Face painting kits can be found at most party supply stores, arts & craft stores, or even supercenter stores like Wal-Mart or K-Mart. The face painting kits are cheap and usually come with templates for simple face painting. All you need is a volunteer to do the painting at the child birthday party. The volunteer could be an attending parent, or even the host parent. My husband has been the face painter in the past. Face painting at a birthday party is not hard. Just follow the instructions included with the face painting kit.

Whether you hire a professional face painter or do it yourself, having the children's faces painted is lot of fun for the kids and a great picture taking opportunity for the grinning parents.

Child Birthday Party Entertainment:


I hired a costumed face painter dressed as tinkerbell. I used D.B.D. Events
and the planner got her to come out dressed and acted the part. The kids loved it
she had them really interactive

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