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Puppeteer Show for Birthday Party

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A Puppeteer show for a birthday party can be very entertaining. Many puppet masters have lots of children's stories to tell with their puppets. Even as adults, it can be very fascinating to watch wooden puppets drawn from long strings, appear to come to life and dance and walk about a tiny stage. Portable puppeteers usually charge based on time, so ask about prices. It may also help to inform the puppet master of the birthday party theme since they may be able to customize the act to suit the birthday child's interest.

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While it may not be easy to find a puppeteer for a child birthday party listed in the phone book or on the internet, it is not that difficult to find a local talent. Check the local high schools or even college drama departments. Also check your local playhouse; they will likely have connections with people that are talented puppeteers and story tellers. One other source for finding a puppet show entertainer is to call a local party entertainment company. Even if they do not have the talent you are looking for, ask for a referral.

Many Puppeteers are great story tellers. So if you decide to have a puppet show birthday party, or just want a good story teller to entertain the kids, consider finding someone with experience in acting or drama.

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