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Want To Supercharge Your Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas?

Are you about to have a house or yard full of kids at your child's birthday party?

Do you have lots of kid birthday party game ideas to keep your guests busy and having fun?

Here are 5 totally fun ways to SUPERCHARGE your games so that even the most ordinary game will be super fun.

Plus I'm going to give you an exclusive Birthday Movie Adventure activity that will get your child and their guests really excited. But more on this fun activity in a moment.

Did you know that it's not always the games you play, it's also how you play them?

Supercharge Your Games With Enthusiasm

With your house or yard full of active children looking for fun, YOU need to be enthusiastic, because enthusiasm is contagious! That's right, if you're just going through the motions walking through your party activities, your guests will quickly get bored.

But if you're enthusiastic, you can even get everyone excited over a ho hum game of Old Maid if you really try.

Remember, it's your child's birthday party and you want it to be great. So let's get excited and have fun with it.

Supercharge Your Games With Music

Does your child's party have a theme?

With a party theme you can pick up a music soundtrack CD from the movie, TV show or whatever your theme is based on.

Play your theme music every time you start a game and you'll notice that your guests will really get into your party theme. If your theme is Star Wars, the theme song from that movie is exciting and very recognizable. The music from Cinderella will charm any princess. And for younger children, upbeat kid's music is just right.

Supercharge Your Games With Exciting Titles

Do you think your child and their party guests would rather play Hot Potato, or "the Amazing Hot Potato Game?" Your guests will get all fired up when you announce that everyone is going to play an "amazing game" of anything.

How bout these supercharged game titles

  • Incredible Musical Statues
  • Sock Mania
  • The Great Simon Sez
  • The Spectacular Pass the Hat Game
  • Quick Change Artist
  • The Secret of the Mummy
  • Whacky Balloon Race
  • Crazy Mixed Up Message Relay
  • Extreme Musical Hats and Wigs
  • See the difference? You get the idea.

    Supercharge Your Games With Theme Related Titles

    Simon Sez is a favorite game, but you can easily supercharge it by relating the game to your birthday theme. For example, if your child's theme is Spider Man, make it "Spider Man Sez." Or if your theme is Shrek, make it "Shrek Sez."

    By making this simple change, everyone will get excited.

    Pin the Tail on the Donkey is another favorite that you can easily customize to your theme. For a Star Wars theme we put together "Pin the Tail on the Wookie" and our son loved it. For a princess theme you can play "Pin the Tiara on the Princess."

    Super Fun Bonus Activity

    As I promised earlier, here's a totally EXCLUSIVE and unique birthday party activity from

    "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt" is a one-of-a-kind, birthday party movie making adventure that starts your birthday child and all their guests in a simple but extremely fun mini-movie they will be talking about for a long time to come.

    The script is free and comes with easy tips on how to have the most fun producing your child's birthday movie. To learn more about this SUPERCHARGED activity, just follow the link at the end of this article.

    Do you have lots of kid birthday party game ideas to keep your guests busy and having fun?

    Remember to supercharge them with enthusiasm, music, exciting game titles, video and theme related titles... Then watch the fun!

    And remember, now your child can star in "The Great Birthday Treasure Hunt," our exclusive, one-of-a-kind birthday movie adventure that will really get everyone excited.

    Have fun

    Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike" has lots of experience putting together successful birthday parties for his children and grandchildren. To learn more from Mike about kid party games, visit and to learn more about his exclusive Birthday Movie Adventure visit

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